Are You Busy?

Who do we work with? Adults, restaurants & parents of teens who want to go plant-based.

Is your life full of work, school, or children…or a combination? And you want to live plant-based but, don’t have the time to research how to eat a successful vegan life?

Busy Veganista is the result of many unsuccessful attempts to go vegan and always eventually having to go back to SAD (Standard American Diet).

I attained my certification in Plant Based Nutrition from T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies & have been a happy vegan ever since!

Busy Veganista was created for people who are busy but, want to live plant-based. It is a service that’s a shortcut for you to access a vegan lifestyle without feelings of failure & guilt. It’s the resource I wish I had when starting my own plant-based journey! My recipes & meal ideas are short & simple – not complicated or time consuming. Made for people on the go. Busy Veganistas are people living a fast paced life with a plant-based focus.


My Background:

  • Master’s degree in healthcare social work
  • Certified in Plant Based Nutrition by T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

What We Do:

In addition to working w/ individuals to start or continue their plant-based life, I also work with restaurants to create options for their plant based clientele.


Clarification between plant-based, vegan & vegetarian

Plant-based is an umbrella term for eating/ living a lifestyle based on consuming plants over animal products. The degree to which a person eliminates animal products is what leads specifically to the difference between vegan or vegetarian. At Busy Veganista, we promote a vegan lifestyle.

Vegetarian = just no meat

Vegan = no animal products including meat, dairy (animal milk + its products including cheeses, yogurts, etc.), eggs, using leather etc.

Different people choose to adhere to different degrees to the general guidelines. As a general rule vegans will not use leather shoes purses or car seats – but some vegans will use some of these. This lifestyle is about choices & commitment- both to yourself and the planet. It’s worth it & you’re worth it- Yay!

Why do vegans NOT consume such an extensive list of animal products? Because the inhumane treatment of animals extends beyond slaughter for meat. ALL animal products result from inhumane conditions. Also, besides the treatment of animals- all animal production (factory farming) contributes to climate change. This choice is for yourself, the animals, and the planet. Busy Veganista promotes a vegan lifestyle. Be proud of yourself for making the decision to go plant-based!

Remember- you can go plant-based in steps. If you’re really committed – but not sure you can do it—start with going vegetarian & gradually eliminate foods one at a time.


Lets Give Positive Thinking More Room

At Busy Veganista we recognize that the commitment to a plant-based lifestyle can be demanding. We are big believers in positive thinking (mantras) to fight off feelings of guilt or failure. Nobody is perfect! A winner is someone who falls 10,000 times but gets up 10,001.