We’re here to help you be more successful with a whole-foods plant-based lifestyle, and your questions and concerns are what drive us to improve ourselves as a resource.

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Is going Plant Based as hard as it seems?

Successfully going Plant Based requires a combination of commitment and knowledge. It will be a team effort that requires you to commit to learning to eat like you love yourself! And I will commit to helping you reach your goal with the knowledge I have from living Plant Based for four years.


How can I (or my teen/tween etc.) stay alive on just plants?

Anthropologists have found evidence that the Gladiators ate a Plant Based Diet.


How will I (or my teen/ tween) get enough protein without eating animals?

Humans only require 5% protein in our diets. A balanced whole food Plant Based diet automatically provides 10-15% protein in our diet 2-3 times more than we even need!


Adding grains to your meals

The beginning of your transition to a Plant Based Lifestyle you will have some hunger at times. Just load up on more. Grains (brown rice, quinoa etc.) help fill up the tank & keep it feeling full longer.


How does Busy Veganista work?

Busy Veganista is the resource I wished I had when I was trying so hard to go Vegan- I take very seriously the importance of starting & staying on the amazing journey of going Plant Based. I welcome you to contact me so that we can set up an appointment. Once we’ve had your free consultation you can choose one of two plans – called simply Tier one ($199.00/ month) & Tier two ($299.00/ month). After your free consultation we’ll set up appointments where we’ll talk by phone about your needs and questions. Over time as you become more comfortable, we’ll discuss the recipes & foods that work best for you as well.